I’m wondering

I’ve just read Revelation 19. Which follows Rev 17 and 18. And I’ve got some questions! I’m wondering who the great prostitute is. and then I’m wondering why it is that Rev. 19 is the first and only time in the whole new testament that “Hallelujah” appears. Why didn’t Paul, or Peter praise God with a hallelujah…? And then I’m wondering… who is invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb? Some would say that believers are those invited, but, um, the Bride is not usually on the ‘guest’ list of her own wedding reception.
There’s a whole lot going on in Revelation 19! I haven’t even mentioned the rider on the white horse. But I’m not wondering who that is. Jesus is coming back in victory and will reign as King of Kings over all the earth. I’ll say Hallelujah to that!