Can the Dead Live Again?

Do you think about death? Do you think about your life after death?

Job was convinced that he was about to die. As he thought about his own death, a surprising idea crossed his mind… what if – when a man dies, God might call him out of the grave and give him a new and different life? job-14-14

How could that happen? Job couldn’t imagine that it could be true. But wait! God did the miraculous and raised Jesus from the dead. Because HE lives, if we confess our sins and trust Him as our Savior, we too can be raised from the dead and have a beautiful, perfect new life in Heaven.

There is bad news that we must acknowledge in addition to the good news – those who do not confess their sins and trust Christ as their Savior will be raised from the dead to a life of eternal punishment in hell.

I’ll discuss the good news and the bad news in my lesson in the video below.

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