No Condemnation

Wow… the idea that we could live with no condemnation upon us is wonderful, exciting, refreshing. It seems that there is always somebody who wants to accuse, belittle, blame and condemn one person or another.

In our study of Job, we have seen how his friends have accused Job and blamed him for his suffering. They’ve labeled him a sinner, and have given him their opinion that he is one of job-21-wrestlesthe wicked people who reject God’s ways. If it hasn’t been blatantly clear in their previous speeches, it is now – in Job 22 where Eliphaz gives his final assessment and advice. Eliphaz condemns Job, saying “Is not your evil abundant? There is no end to your iniquities.”

I’ll explain in my teaching that Satan uses Eliphaz to attack Job once more, attacking his character and integrity, trying to get Job to doubt his relationship to God. And that’s something that we need to be aware of in our lives… that we can be tempted to question our relationship with God. But with salvation comes a guarantee and a big change in our lives, and a promise that there is no condemnation from God to those who are in Christ! (Romans 8:1-2)  What great news!

My powerpoint includes pictures that I like to draw to explain our lives before, during, and after salvation. The video is a little dark, but that allows the powerpoint to show up. (Sorry about the buzz in the audio. The sound system in the room needs to be fixed.)

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