What is the Right Perspective?

When pain goes on and on, and prayers seem to us to be unanswered, we may find ourselves in the same situation as Job… trying to understand God from our limited job27-1perspective. And as we do this, we may come to the wrong conclusions about God. This happened to Job.

Job has come to the point where he blatantly declares that God has deprived him of justice (his rights) and God has made him bitter. We know from Scriptures throughout the whole Bible that God is holy, sovereign, wise and good. God does no evil. God commits no injustice.

The commentator John Walton says: “When life goes wrong, our concept of God may begin to deteriorate; first in small misconceptions, but these gradually become major misrepresentations of the divine character.” (NIV Application Commentary on Job)

When we think that we are right and God is wrong, then we are really wrong!

I’ll point out that pride is a problem for us all, and humility is the most important characteristic of our lives.

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