The Words of Job are Ended: Job 31

He has said all that he can say! Job’s three friends did their very best to convince him that he was suffering due to sin in his life, but Job finished up their “debate” with a strong declaration of his innocence. He knew that he had  lived a life of fearing the Lord and turning from evil. A life of integrity. It’s true, and it was  job-29-1important for Job to recognize that his suffering was unexplainable from his perspective on earth. This put Job in a situation where he had to trust God alone and remain faithful to him despite the mysterious pain. That was the way that he glorified God while Satan was watching.

But Job did not know the behind the scenes story and he wanted answers! He declared himself innocent and demanded that God reply with agreement of his innocence or an explanation of the sin that brought the suffering.

job-31-35Job has come to a dead end. There is nothing more he can say and nothing he can do to relieve his suffering. What will happen next? Job and his friends don’t know what God will do!

Please think about this situation with me, as I discuss it in the lecture below. God has an incredible way of dealing with dead end situations.

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