Wild animals! Job 38:39- 39:30





God used His own creation as a visual aid and as a teaching moment for Job! I really enjoyed this lesson, and the more I studied about God’s animals… the more I learned.

The Lord delights in every one of His creatures, having designed it just the way He wanted. Our group enjoyed discussing animals, whether they were their own pets, their favorite animals, or the ones that just fascinated them.




In my lecture in the video below, I considered these questions: Why did God talk about animals? Why did God talk about the specific animals He named in Job 38 and 39? What was God’s main point regarding these animals?

God definitely communicated to Job through the example of the animals. He demonstrated that He is in control of and cares for everything He has made – and Job would realize that included him as well.

Aren’t these little animal masks fun?! Be sure to notice the special LIVE animal guests who joined us for this lesson! Dakota the SheltiKee and Milo the Labradoodle came along for our ‘show-n-tell’.







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