Behold! The Behemoth! Job 40:15-24

Wow! It’s huge! God says that He made it, and only He can handle it. Once upon a time, there was an amazing animal that lived near rivers and marshes, ate grass, and didn’t mind when other animals roamed around nearby. It’s no fairy tale, because the Bible tells us about this creature. There is no consensus among Bible scholars as to what it actually was: it could have been a dinosaur, some say hippopotamus or elephant, some say it was a mythological creature.

Based on the description that God gives about the Behemoth, I believe it was a real animal that Job knew about and probably had seen at some time in his life.

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God brought it to Job’s attention to emphasize that there are creatures beyond Job’s control. But nothing is beyond God’s control!

God had asked Job: “Would you really challenge My justice? Would you declare Me guilty to justify yourself?” Job 40:8

Job needed an attitude adjustment. He needed to think the right thoughts about God. And in His wisdom, God decided that the Behemoth would be a good visual aid to remind Job of who he was and Who God is.

In my video, I’ll talk about how we need to think the right thoughts about God (all the time), but especially when we are facing a Behemoth beyond our control. (Ummm – isn’t everything really out of our control??)

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