Mysterious and Mean! LEVIATHAN! Job 41:1-34

Watch out! Don’t go near it! There is no creature on earth as dangerous as the sea monster Leviathan. God talked about the incredible Leviathan to help Job realize that if Job couldn’t conquer that creature, he certainly couldn’t win a fight against its Creator God.

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There are so many details about the Leviathan in Job 41. I’ll talk about different perspectives in my videos below: Job knew about it himself; there are perspectives that it could have been mythological, or extinct, or an animal we know today. Spoiler alert! I personally do think it was something like what we call a dragon, probably a dinosaur (since they didn’t have the word dinosaur back in the ancient day).

The most important thing to consider is WHY the Lord talked about the Leviathan. Please see my “Final Comments” video for a short summary of the impact of his final words to Job.

Animal hunters………. beware! “If you lay a hand on it, you will certainly remember the battle that follows. You won’t try that again!”  Job 41:8 NLT

There are 2 different videos below!
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