Links to Lectures: “And the Lord Blessed Job”

If you would like to study the Bible with me… purchase a workbook And the Lord Blessed Job (click to go to Amazon) and as you complete the lessons in the workbook,  Job Front Cover.jpgview the lectures below which I presented to my women’s Bible study class!

Introducing the book of Job

Getting to know Job:  follows Lessons 1 and 2

The enemy of God: follows Lessons 3 and 4

Who is God?: follows Lessons 5 and 6

Why am I Alive?? : follows Lessons 7 and 8

What’s Wrong with this Picture?: follows Lessons 9 and 10

Impossibilities?: follows Lessons 11 and 12

Can the Dead Live Again?: follows Lessons 13 and 14

Our God of Justice: follows Lessons 15

What did Job need?: follows Lessons 16 and 17

Expecting Life after Death!: follows Lessons 18 and 19

No Condemnation: follows Lessons 20 and 21

Walking in the Dark: follows Lessons 22 and 23

What is the Right Perspective?: follows Lesson 24

Where is Wisdom?: follows Lessons 25

The Words of Job are Ended: Job 31: follows Lessons 26 and 27

God is ALWAYS Right: follows Lessons 28 and 29

How’s the Weather?: follows Lesson 30

God Speaks!: follows Lessons 31 and 32

Wild animals! Job 38:39- 39:30: follows Lesson 33

Behold! The Behemoth! Job 40:15-24: follows Lessons 34 and 35

Mysterious and Mean! LEVIATHAN! Job 41:1-34: follows Lesson 36

Low Like Job (his repentance before God) Job 42:1-6: follows Lessons 37 and 38

So Blessed! Job 42:9-17: follows Lessons 39 and 40

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