Links to Video Lectures on Psalms

If you would like to study the Bible with me

Click here to purchase the workbook Come Let Us Worship

This workbook won a gold medal!

and as you complete the lessons in the workbook,  view the lectures below which I presented to my women’s Bible study class! Or find them on a podcast. Click here: Let’s podcast!

The purpose of this blog is to open the doors of my Bible study class to women…  beyond Colonial Baptist Church, and beyond North Carolina. You’ll find a link to our homework schedule below. In coordination with the lessons, there are 30-40 minute of lectures so that you can study on your own and study with me too! Do the workbook lessons, discuss them with a friend or group, then watch or listen to the lectures listed below.

My lectures are in addition to the studies in the workbook. Hope they will be helplful to you!

If you are leading a group, audio leader’s guide are available by clicking here!)

Homework schedule

Psalms: Come Let Us Worship – Introduction

Flowers, flamingos and Psalms 23, 27, 145

Psalms 1 and 2: Three KEYS to the Psalms follows workbook lessons on Psalms 1 and 2

Psalm 16 follows workbook lessons on Psalms 8 and 15

Psalms 17 and 18 – Prayer and Praise follows workbook lessons on Psalms 17 and 18

Psalm 19 – Enjoying God’s Word follows workbook lessons on Psalms 19 and 21