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Thanks for your interest in studying God’s word with me! It’s been such a delight and privilege (and plenty of hard work) to write these Bible studies. Each is available on Amazon! Click here to LOOK INSIDE 

You’ll find info on each workbook, plus video lectures, handouts, powerpoint slides, and audio leaders’ guides.

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1 and 2 ThessaloniansLetters to the Thessalonians Click here for more info and videos for this study

These letters are about faith, hope and love; holiness, prayer, and perseverance; the will of God and the glorious return of Christ. And so much more! Almost every major doctrine of our faith is covered in these personal writings from the apostle Paul. Join me as we read someone else’s mail. I’m sure you’ll find a few things that you will think were written just to you!

PsalmsCome Let Us Worship Click here for more info on this study

The Psalms contain many of our most well-known Scriptures, offering comfort and expressing the emotions of our souls. They challenge us to godly living, always trusting the Lord. What a beautiful arrangement of poems, prayers, and praises God has given us! From Psalm 1 to Psalm 150, you’ll study selected psalms in the order of their placement in the Scriptures.

EzekielThat You May Know the Lord Click here for more info and videos for this study

Don’t miss this great book! As you study this intriguing prophecy, you will be humbled   by the holiness, sovereignty and glory of God; you will be challenged to examine your own lives as you see the sin of the Israelites; you will be inspired as you see the power of the Holy Spirit; and you will be excited as you anticipate wonderful promises to be fulfilled by the Lord.

EphesiansImmeasurably More! Click here for more info, videos, and leader guides for this study

Do you want your walk with Christ to be more intimate, more faithful, and more obedient? God is able to do immeasurably more than you can imagine through His power in your life! This exciting study will help you understand the never-ending blessings of salvation and the extraordinary potential you have to live a victorious and faithful Christian life.

MatthewFollow Me Click here for more info, videos, and leader guides for this study

This study will challenge you to a more passionate commitment to Jesus. Learn from Matthew’s eye-witness perspective, his proofs from Old Testament scriptures, and his presentation of Jesus’ five sermons, just who Jesus is, what He did, and what He said. Matthew’s life was drastically changed from his encounter with Jesus—yours will be too.

JobAnd the Lord Blessed Job Click here for more info on this study

One of the Lord’s blessings to Job was that he was chosen to show Satan that God is worthy of worship no matter what happens in our lives. While the book of Job deals with suffering, it isn’t about answering the question “why do people suffer?” It’s about humbly submitting to God as the Holy One who is infinite in wisdom, power, justice, and goodness.

Hebrews Hold Fast to Jesus Click here for more info on this study

In this study of the personal, passionate letter of exhortation to “go on to maturity,” we’ll consider deep doctrines including the new covenant and atonement. We’ll be warned not to drift away from our great salvation. We’ll be encouraged to persevere through suffering as the great heroes of the faith did. We’ll see that Jesus is our great High Priest who has provided what no other priest ever could. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and hold fast to Him.

Micah: Justice and Mercy — The Character of God, the Messiah, and the Kingdom Click here for more info on this study

Who is like God? The prophet Micah tells us! This short book of prophecy declares God’s judgment against injustice which will prompt us to examine how we live our lives and treat others. It also declares God’s overwhelming mercy to forgive sins. And it unveils the Lord’s extraordinary plans for Israel during the Millennial Kingdom when Jesus Christ reigns supreme.