JOB: And the Lord Blessed Job

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And the Lord blessed Job.

Does that surprise you?

You probably know of Job’s immense suffering, and how his first response to it was to say “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”shutterstock_286372787

As strange as it may seem to us, one of the Lord’s blessings to Job was that he was chosen to show Satan that God is worthy of worship no matter what happens in our lives. And the greatest blessing of all for Job was experiencing an intimate life-changing encounter with the Lord.

While the book of Job deals with suffering, it isn’t about answering the question “why do people suffer?” It’s about acknowledging that God is God. It’s about humbly submitting to Him as the Holy One who is infinite in wisdom, power, justice and goodness. Would you be willing to take a journey with Job as he wrestles with pain, confusion, and temptation while trusting that his life is in God’s hands?

I invite you to join me in this verse-by-verse study where we will contemplate mind-boggling mysteries, amazing acts of God, and truth that is the anchor to hold us through any storm.

The Lord promises blessing to those who belong to Him. Discover this for yourself as you study the book of Job.