EPHESIANS: Immeasurably More!

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It’s an exciting excavation of the riches of being in Christ!

Do you want your walk with Christ to be more intimate, more faithful, and more obedient? Ephesians Front Cover.jpgGod is able to do immeasurably more than you can imagine through His power in your life!

Immeasurably More! is an exciting, easy-to-use guide to the book of Ephesians which will help you understand the never-ending blessings of salvation and the extraordinary potential that you have to live a victorious and faithful Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. The divinely inspired letter to the Ephesians covers basic truths as well as profound mysteries that we need to believe as disciples of Christ. It also teaches us what it means to be in Christ which is a life-changing concept!

As you study the book of Ephesians, reflecting on the love and power of God, as well as the change that salvation has brought to your soul, you will find joy and peace in your daily life. You will also desire to follow the exhortation Paul made to the Ephesians: to walk in a manner worthy of your calling.

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Come and discover the unsearchable riches of Christ awaiting you in the treasured book of Ephesians! They are immeasurably more than you can imagine!

Immeasurably More! is a wonderful study for any woman who desires to know Jesus Christ more intimately through the study of Scripture. It would be an exciting workbook to share with other women in a small group setting.

Study the Bible with me and discover your inheritance!

The workbook consists of 12 units of lessons, with 4 lessons per unit.

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