Lectures and Leaders’ Guides Links

The video lectures were recorded as I taught the women’s Bible study at my home church. They offer a follow-up teaching to the workbook lessons. They are about 30 minutes long.

You do not need these videos if you are teaching a Bible study using my workbooks, but they are available!

If you only have about 1 hour for your Bible study meeting, I would encourage you to discuss the lessons in the workbook rather than show the videos. It is such a blessing to have discussion and fellowship centered on the Word of God. Women who have studied at home are usually eager to share what they have learned with each other!

The Audio Leaders’ Guides were recorded each week to give discussion group leaders a thorough understanding of the material as they prepare to discuss the workbook lessons. Leaders complete their homework, then listen to my audio, in which I give practical tips for leading the discussion as well as clarifying answers to the workbook exercises and emphasizing certain points.

If you are leading a Bible study group, I encourage you to use the audio leader’s guides. They usually cover 2 lessons in one file, and usually last from 30-45 minutes.