Come, Let us Worship

An In-depth Study on the Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms contains many of our most well-known and well-loved Scriptures. We turn to them so often for comfort and to express the emotions of our souls. The Psalms also challenge us to live godly lives, to worship and adore our great and glorious God, to make the right choices in the midst of overwhelming trials, and to always trust the Lord.The Psalms lead us to keep our priorities straight by telling us to meditate on God’s word and to worship Him as King. These two key themes will be seen throughout the study.

Beginning with Psalm 1 and ending with Psalm 150, you will study selected psalms in the order of their placement in the Scriptures.

You will learn that the book of Psalms is not a random collection of poetry, but instead a divinely inspired and well-crafted theological composition.

The Psalms prompt us to turn to the Lord and see that He is with us every moment of our lives, sovereign, faithful, loving, wise and worthy of all our devotion. They remind us to look forward to the day in which He will reign on the earth and we will worship Him as our great and glorious King. While we wait for Him, and when we see Him…. let us worship the King.

This workbook consists of 40 lessons on specific psalms, plus summaries of the psalms not individually studied.

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