Who’s studying Ezekiel?!

I just received a sales report from Amazon. It showed that 18 copies of That You May Know the Lord (in-depth study on Ezekiel)  were purchased in March, April, and May.

They weren’t bought on the same day or quantities over 3. Obviously, some people out there are intrigued with Ezekiel! I am too, and since there is some special interest in this exciting book of the Bible, I thought I would share a little background of my writing of the Bible study.

ezekiel love(1)

I remember being a teenager, and my father asked me… what do you think about the dry bones in Ezekiel? I only remember the question and not the discussion. However, my father taught adult Sunday School and was a lay preacher some Sundays, so, I am sure that he gave me his insights on Ezekiel 37!

Fast forward many years to my season of life as a young mother. I was the new leader of a ministry for moms and wanted to make sure that I was consistently reading the word of God and depending on the Lord for my life and leadership. I decided to read a book of the Bible that I had never read before… and that began my first journey through the book of Ezekiel.

Starting in chapter 1, I pondered and enjoyed the vision of the glory of the Lord and did some extra research as well. I “saw the Lord” through the words of the Scriptures as His power, holiness, and beauty was described by Ezekiel. What a fantastic beginning! I was totally intrigued and committed.

As I read the rest of the book of Ezekiel, I could hardly understand a thing! But one thing stood out – repeatedly. Every action, judgment, explanation, and prophecy was so that “you may know the Lord.” This was the Lord’s goal for His people in Israel. That phrase was repeated many, many times. (I give you the total number in the workbook!)

When I finished the book, I couldn’t tell you much about it, except that the vision of the glory of the Lord was amazing, and everything was so that “you may know the Lord.” Somehow, I did grasp that Ezekiel himself was a completely obedient servant of the Lord. He is one of my heroes, because of his faithfulness to his calling.

Fast forward several more years, to a season when I was coordinating and teaching Bible studies at my church. I decided to spend some concentrated time reading through the book of Ezekiel again and take notes. I did. And those notes came in handy when I began writing Bible studies.

Here’s the crazy thing: the first Bible study lesson that I ever wrote was on Ezekiel 1. An in-depth study on Ezekiel’s calling and the vision of the glory of the Lord. It was as exciting to study it then and write lessons as it was the first time that I encountered it.  And of course I learned a lot of new things!

Ezekiel 1 holds a very special place in my heart and in my life because it was the place of beginnings several times. However, the first complete Bible study that I wrote was on the book of Ephesians. It was a wonderful experience to write Immeasurably More!

That You May Know the Lord became my second completed Bible study. I’ve taught it 3 times at my church and women have studied it on their own. I love hearing about the delight that others have when they discover the precious truths of God’s word through in-depth Bible study.

I don’t know who’s studying Ezekiel right now, but I know the Lord knows who you are! And He has plans for you – That You May Know the Lord. Intimacy, obedience, and faithfulness. I pray that these will be the characteristics that describe your relationship with our God.

If you want to join those who are studying Ezekiel, purchase the workbook here, and watch my lectures here!