Help me launch: Hold Fast to Jesus!

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The time has come! My newest Bible study on the book of Hebrews is complete and ready to be shared!

Share is the key word in my perspective. I write Bible studies in order to share God’s Word. We’ve been commanded to be disciples and disciple-makers and teach all that Jesus taught us. What a privilege. What a purpose. We are called to be a part of God’s continuing work on earth. And there will be eternal results!

I’ve written Bible studies and have done what I can do to make them accessible and affordable and applicable. I share them as much as I can. But discipleship happens when you pass on the good news of Jesus’ love and salvation, and others pass it on, and still others pass it on… and so on and so on and so on…. Multiplication of disciples is the fruit of discipleship.

So here you go! I’m passing on what I’ve learned as I’ve studied the book of Hebrews. I hope that you will study the Bible with me by purchasing a Hold Fast to Jesus workbook, inviting a friend to study with you, and then telling others what you have learned. Click here for more info on the study: Hold Fast to Jesus

You can also tell others by leaving a review on Amazon!! Consider it encouragement for others and a testimony of your faith!

If you’d like me to meet with your group and share some info about Hebrews or my other studies, contact me. I’d love to talk about that!

If you would like to attend a Bible study at Colonial Baptist Church, check out this link where you will find several study choices and times.




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