Worthy of Worship

Carl Brashear was the first African-American deep sea diver for the U.S. Navy. He experienced extreme prejudice and difficulties as he persevered through training exercises. On one occasion, another diver who had become trapped in a shifting sunken ship was abandoned by his partner. Brashear heroically rescued him. Immediately following the rescue, there was a ceremony, awarding a white diver the Medal of Honor which rightly belonged to Brashear. That diver had abandoned his buddy! The medal didn’t belong to him! He didn’t deserve it! The honor belonged to Brashear, but the U.S. Navy blatantly ignored him and awarded the medal to someone else, clearly unworthy of honor.

Something similar, yet exceedingly worse, is described in Ezekiel 8. The nation of Israel honored every idol, every animal, every mythical god, and everything in the sky… instead of honoring the One, the Only One… who deserves all honor and worship.

Let’s examine our own lives to make sure that we don’t fall into the same practices.

Here’s the handout! Worthy of Worship