Nothing is more important

(corresponds to workbook lessons Week 10, days 1 and 2)

Nothing is more important to the Lord God than His holy name… His reputation… His glory. There is nothing more important than the glory, majesty, holiness of the Triune Godhead. God the Father is to be hallowed. Jesus Christ the Son is to be exalted. The Holy Spirit of God is to be obeyed, not grieved.

That might be really unsettling to you. You might think that the people that He created are the most important thing to Him. Oh – we are extremely important to Him, but His reputation is far more important. The result of this priority of the Lord is that He acts for His name’s sake. This is made clear throughout the Scriptures, and especially so in Ezekiel 36:22-38. And the priority of His own holiness brings about incredible things. For the sake of His glory, God pours out His grace. Amazing.

Here’s the handout: Heart of Grace handout