(corresponds to workbook lessons: Week 11, days 3 and 4)

If you’ve read through the last eight chapters of Ezekiel, you probably wonder, as so many do – why worship in the Millinnial Temple will include animal sacrifices and grain and drink offerings! There is not just one mention of sacrifice, but detailed instruction regarding the place of preparing the animals, the consecration of the altar, and which priests are to make the presentations.

We’ve been interpreting the book of Ezekiel according to its regular literary characterstics (narrative as narrative, riddle as riddle, allegory as allegory, history as history), so in this prophetic vision, we’ll do so once again. Ezekiel has been given a vision detailing future worship when Israel is regathered to the land of Israel, when Israel is given a new heart and the Holy Spirit, when Israel follows the word of the Lord and when Israel is ruled by the One Good Shepherd – King Jesus. Chapters 40 – 48 of Ezekiel prophesy of worship in the Millinnial Kingdom that includes sacrifices.

My lecture is my attempt at understanding why there are sacrifices made during that time. The last page of the handout will give you an overview of my explanation.

Here’s the handout (5 pages): The Lord of the Sacrifice