Memories from last year

Do you wonder what it’s like at a women’s Bible study?

You just never know what will show up in class…..

That’s the River Kebar. It’s where we met Ezekiel.

After each class, ladies go home and DO their homework!! During the past eight classes that I have taught using the studies that I have written, ladies have spent time at home with their Bibles open and their hearts turned to the Lord as they have read His word, looked up cross-references, discovered Greek and Hebrew words and definitions, filled in charts, and they’ve even drawn some pictures. (An activity that some love and some hate!) Almost all of the women in my classes come with their workbooks filled in with their answers and their reflections.

KRISTIN wins the prize for writing all over her workbook!

When ladies come to class, they discuss their homework, and do a few other things as well:

EVERYBODY had a chance to look as cool as Cindy… as they tried to get a glimpse of the rainbow that surrounded the throne in the vision of the glory of God.

Ro was a great improv as she demonstrated Ezekiel’s “war games.”

We can only imagine what the future will hold in the Millennial Kingdom (Jesus’ 1000 year reign on earth). I can’t wait to see how the King builds His temple!

There is an extra special connection that comes from studying the Bible and sharing how it applies to our lives. And every now and then we celebrate that fellowship with good food!

Our classes have a lot of Bible, a lot of discussion, a lot of life application, a lot of prayer, a lot of fun, and a lot of love. You can come to Tuesday night or Wednesday morning classes at Colonial Baptist Church (register at or you can buy a workbook from me and follow along with my video blogs week to week.