Always being renewed – Ephesians 4:22-24


I am so excited to share what was written by one of the ladies attending our Bible study. She wrote this in response to a question in the workbook which asked: “Do you believe that you are the “new man” described in Ephesians 4:24? Please write out your personal statement of belief of who you are.”

Who am I?

I am forgiven by grace.

I live with Christ in me.

I am not alone in this; I am part of the body of believers in Christ.

I have purpose and I am gifted by the Holy Spirit to carry out my part in God’s kingdom plan.

When I am tempted, I know it is God’s desire for me to turn from sin lest I become distracted or ineffectual.

My former life and sin do not define me.

My position as daughter of the most high King defines me.

One day this will be obvious because I will live eternally in a perfected body, free from sin and sickness.

Today, it is my daily endeavor. 

by Elizabeth Morrel

She expressed the change that we have experienced because of salvation! We have put off the old ways and now we live as the new creations that we are, even as we wait for our full sanctification. She also did a great job of summarizing what we have learned about ourselves from Ephesians!

I’ll demonstrate this briefly with a little ‘fashion show’ at the beginning of my lecture, and then discuss how we need to apply specific Scriptures to issues in our lives. We are always being renewed!

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