Mighty Men of Faith! Hebrews 11:32

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Why were these men singled out as men of faith? And men to be imitated? With some in-depth study we can learn a lot about these followers of God. Check out 1 Samuel 12: 1-11, where they are named as deliverers sent by God. The context of this passage shows us why they are such good examples for the Christians to whom Hebrews was written.

The Holy Spirit showed the author of Hebrews that they walked by faith, and so, we too can look for how they acted in faith.  The biggest, obvious reason is that they knew and believed the power and faithfulness of their God! That’s one way that we can imitate them!

I will explain much more in the video below! I’ll talk about Gideon – the Brave Little Guy, Barak – the Bolt of lightening and faith, Jephthah – the Vow-keeping Historian, and Samson – the Riddler who knew the secret of his strength.

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