Discipline: The Love of God Hebrews 12:5-6

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Based on the study of Hebrews 12:5-11, and the Greek words in this passage, there are several points I’d like to share about the discipline of the Lord.

  1. The Lord disciplines those who belong to Him. Based on the word padeia, this means that He instructs, trains, corrects, and punishes us so that we will grow up into maturity.
  2. The Lord rebukes us. Based on the word elegcho, this means that He convicts us of sin, shows us our faults, and admonishes us to correct us.
  3. The Lord punishes us. Based on the word mastigo, this means that He uses suffering to train and correct us.

In my video below, I’ll discuss the passage, these words, and more about what is so important to know about the discipline of the Lord.

Please don’t forget that our Heavenly Father disciplines His sons and daughters because He loves us!

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