A Summary of Hebrews

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It’s the second Wed after Easter, but Easter isn’t over. Jesus is alive. He is alive forever!

Easter gave me another view of the book of Hebrews. Hebrews is a book that is all about what Jesus did as Easter! It’s a book that explains the reason He was born as a man on earth, and died as a man, and was resurrected as a man.

You could rightly say that every book of the Bible is about Jesus, but each book has its own theme. The book of Hebrews emphasizes His death and resurrection in a way that no other does.

I’d like to share how the book of Hebrews celebrates all that Jesus accomplished. The author’s purpose was to share a word of exhortation with his readers, and that includes us. He urges us to believe and live according to all that Jesus has done, so I hope that this review of his teaching will encourage you to know Jesus and depend on Him all the more, in these challenging coronavirus quarantine days… AND in the days to come.

As I share the truths that Hebrews emphasizes – try to remind yourself – this is what Easter is all about.

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