Flowers, flamingos and Psalms 23, 27, 145


It’s a delight for me to share a few personal reflections about Psalms 23, 27 and 145. I can’t say  that these are my favorites, because choosing my favorite psalm out of 150 psalms would depend on the moment and my mood.

But these three psalms have made an outstanding and ongoing impression on my life. They are three special flowers given as sweet gifts to me like these three flowers on display which were given to me recently.

I hope you will enjoy hearing how God has impacted my life with Psalms 23, 27, and 145. And I hope you will enjoy reading them again as gifts from the Lord to you.

At the end of my talk, I ask you to answer these questions:

What one verse in Psalm 23 means the most to you…

What one verse in Psalm 27 is important…..meaningful…..comforting….. today?

What one verse in Psalm 145 stands out to you… a special way…