Micah 3:1-12 – The Justice of God

The Justice of God – a Love Story

Part 1 – Heartbreak

Israel understood that they were the Lord’s chosen people. They knew they were set apart for Him, to worship Him, obey Him, and bring glory to Him.

But they didn’t do it. They wandered, rebelled, forgot God, and entangled themselves with pagan practices of other nations. Their sins were horrendous.

What heartbreak for the Lord. The people He chose did not return His love.

Christians who know Jesus as their Savior have been freed from the power of sin, but sin still wants to take over our lives. When we let it, when we ignore it, when we make light of it, we grieve the Holy Spirit. This too is heartbreak for the Lord.

In my lecture, I’ll share from Jerry Bridges’ book: Respectable Sins, and challenge us to recognize and repent of subtle sins in our lives today.

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