The Prophecies of Ezekiel

Ezekiel! The mention of his name triggers curiosity and fascination. People may know that dry bones are found in this book of the Bible. And the mysterious war of God and Magog.

There are exquisite treasures in the 48 chapters of Ezekiel. God promised His Holy Spirit to give us new life and a new heart. His brilliant glory is on display as He communicates with Ezekiel. Israel is guaranteed a safe, prosperous, blessed future in the land. And even through the dark, sober judgments which are prophesied, we see the holiness, sovereignty, justice and mercy of God.

Ezekiel is a challenging book to study because of so many strange visions, parables, and prophetic demonstrations. But it is an easy book to outline because it follows a chronological order and follows a story line from the time that Ezekiel was taken into captivity, through the days of the destruction of Jerusalem, and to the distant future when Israel will be regathered to the land and worship the Lord in His holy temple.

More on Ezekiel, and sample lessons can be found by clicking here.

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