Ezekiel 1:1-28 – The Glory of the Lord

What do you think about God?

It’s the most important thing about you.

The vision of the Glory of the Lord communicated what Ezekiel needed to know about God before he began prophesying to the Israelites. We need to know it today too.

Knowing Who God is, as the Bible describes Him to us, will impact our lives for eternity. He is God, He is Holy. We are not. That’s why we need a  Savior – to rescue us from the judgment of this Holy God.

Please read Ezekiel 1:1-28, and then consider what I share in my video below.

(The handout and powerpoint files are below.)

I enjoy offering illustrations of topics during our women’s Bible studies. Ezekiel didn’t have adequate words to describe his vision, and I certainly have no way to re-create what he saw. But, I brought a few props in to help our imagination begin to try picture certain aspects of the “chariot-throne” .