What a challenge!

I enjoyed great discussions about Ezekiel 2 and 3 this week!! The women grasped the magnitude, the diffiulty, and the “radicalness” of Ezekiel’s call. We were challenged by his obedient response to the Lord. If Ezekiel was called to testify before people who were stubborn… then why can’t we? Aren’t we supposed to do that too? And if Ezekiel was commanded to warn his people about the judgment of the Lord, and the consequences of their sin… shouldn’t we do that too? Warning our children about the consequences of their behavior was one way that we realized we could apply this concept.

Ezekiel couldn’t obey the Lord without His help. Neither can we. The man who would prophecy of the Holy Spirit experienced His empowerment, and the lecture this week is a reminder that we must depend on Him as well.

Here’s a link to the lecture handout:Week 2 Handout: “Is He In You?”