Holy Bible, Book Divine

This hymn says it well:

Holy Bible, Book Divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine:
Mine to tell me whence I came; Mine to teach me what I am.

Mine to chide me when I rove, Mine to show a Savior’s love;
Mine thou art to guide and guard; Mine to punish or reward.

Mine to comfort in distress, Suff’ring in this wilderness;
Mine to show, by living fiath, We can triumph over death.

Mine to tell of joys to come, And the rebel sinner’s doom:
O thou Holy Book divine, Precious treasure, thou are mine.

In Ezekiel 13, the Lord tells the prophets who had been prophesying their own words to Listen to the Word of the Lord! Let’s make sure we do that! We don’t need Ezekiel to show up and speak to us – everything that God communicated to him, and to all the other prophets is recorded for us in the Scriptures that we call our Holy Bible. It is thorough and complete. Let’s make sure we read it thoroughly and completely!!

Here’s the handout!! Unchanging God, Unchanging Word