Happily Ever After

It’s coming. The “happily ever after.” One day. The Lord is at work. He has made His covenant with Israel, and is pursuing the nation, not giving up on His commitment of love to them. And His love is so great that He opens His heart to include “strangers”, others, Gentiles who weren’t original recipients of His covenant. What love. What determination. Not one of us deserves it. And that makes it the most passionate love story – ever.

Please read Ezekiel 16! That’s where you’ll find the love story.

In my video, you’ll see that I read from Israel, My Beloved by Kay Arthur. The picture below is at the beginning of the book.

"When I first saw you, Sarah, you were thrown out into the open field, and I said, 'You shall live!'"

Here’s the handout for the lecture corresponding to Ezekiel 16. God of the Covenant