And then there were none

One by one the kings of Israel were removed from the throne. Good King Josiah was honored for his obedience to the Lord and died while in battle. But his sons did not follow in his footsteps – they “did evil in the sight of the LORD” and brought the Davidic dynasty to a pitiful end. Or so it seemed. God promised the nation of Israel that there would always be a son of David reigning on the throne.

As we studied Ezekiel 17, 18, and 19, we saw a riddle about Zedekiah and a lamentation regarding Jehoahaz and Jehoiachin. They emphasized the faults of those kings and the consequences thereof. Those leaders were removed from the throne.

With His sovreign wisdom, God is at work and He is going to put the perfect King on the throne.

Here’s a short dramatic presentation of “A Re-enactment of the Decline of the kings of Israel” and a summary of chapters 17 -21 of Ezekiel, with a focus on the sovreignty of God. And here’s the handout: Who is the Sovreign King?