“Associated” Press Reports

Associated with the Bible study of Matthew, that is!! The assignment was: summarize the call of the first disciples in Matthew 4:18-22 with a headline and a paragraph for a newscast. They did a great job.

Four Fishermen Flee Family for Following Foreigner
ap-Carla Dickman
An unidentified man easily coaxed two sets of brothers away from their trade, their possessions and their families today with two simple words: “Follow Me.” Old man Zebedee had this to say of his sons’ abandonment, “I don’t know who that guy was or where he’s taken them, but they better be back by dinner!”

Something Fishy- Strange Disappearance of Local Fishermen
ap-Lisa Malcom
Four fishermen have been reported missing from the region of the Sea of Galilee. Yesterday nets were found at the water’s edge, presumably belonging to two brothers, Simon and Andrew, and the two sons of Zebedee, James and John. It is believed these men hurriedly left their nets and their whereabouts are unknown. Some unverified source links their disappearance with the man Jesus, who has been attracting attention since being baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. The men were last seen by Mr. Zebedee, and apparently were following Jesus to an undisclosed location. Anyone with information on the fishermen’s whereabouts,please contact the offices of Jordan Times.

The Call – “FOLLOW ME”
ap-Kathy Peterson
….and they did. Four ordinary men minding their own local fishing business heard the voice of the man called Jesus and wildly enough, followed Him. Why you ask? Beats me. But we’ll follow their journey with this Man by the sea and see what we find. Will abandoning their nets prove in vain or will it prove a change in their life greater and far beyond a simple fishing village?

4 Fishermen 4 Jesus
ap-Jennifer Donaldson
Without any lures, Jesus’ catch of the day from the Sea of Galilee included brothers Simon (also called Peter) and Andrew and brothers James and John. Jesus promised to show them “how to fish for people!” Leaving their nets behind, these fisherman followed Jesus at his command.

ap-Cindy Winter-Hartley
If you see some nets near the Sea of Galilee, consider them yours. Why? Two local brothers, Simon aka Peter and Andrew no longer need them. They aren’t casting nets, they’re fishing for people. A very influential man and spiritual leader, Jesus, is developing quite the following and people are leaving everything and going with Him. Zebedee’s sons, James and John abruptly stopped fixing their nets and left their father to follow Jesus who is known by many as the Son of God. Story developing, stay tuned…

Stephen Curtis Chapman tells the story with his song and inspires us as well.