Opening the scrolls of Ezekiel

spotlight on ezekielWhat do you think about God? It’s the most important thing about you.

The vision of the Glory of the Lord communicated what Ezekiel needed to know about God before he began prophesying to the Israelites. We need to know it today too. Knowing Who God is, as the Bible describes Him to us, will impact our lives for eternity.

He is God. He is Holy. We are not. That’s why we need a  Savior- to rescue us from the judgment of this Holy God.

I hope to give you an idea of what is in the book of Ezekiel and why it’s in the Bible!! And I hope that you will be intrigued to read this important book. In the video below from a previous introductory session,  I’ll display a scroll containing a timeline of the history of Israel as well as future events.   Then, you’ll see an explanation of inductive Bible study, comments about my workbook, and suggested online resources (links are posted on this page in the right side bar). The timeline presentation runs about 11 minutes.

Check out photos from our previous class – below the video!

Click here to purchase the workbook: That You May Know the Lord

Click here for the Scroll timeline document

We had many displays and interactive activities in our Bible study group at church! We first “met” Ezekiel at the River Chebar and at the end of the study we “toured” the future Temple of the Lord with him. These are my attempts at bringing a few images to life! the River Kebar

The Millennial Temple

It is so exciting to see inside someone’s Bible study! This is a picture of one woman’s love for the Lord and love for His Word. She wasn’t required to write this much, but as she studied, there were many thoughts she wanted to express.

Kristin's answers!!!

I hope you’ll read the fascinating book of Ezekiel. Ask a friend to join you – it will prompt very interesting discussions!

Ezekiel Back Cover

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