Hi! Are you making plans to join a Bible study group this fall? We would love for you to join us as we spend the year with JESUS! We’ll listen to Jesus Himself and what He tells us through the words of Matthew, and HE is the One we’ll follow! (not me)  You can join a local study (see links below) or order a workbook and follow along with my weekly posts with your own group.spotlight on matthew 1

Matthew, the disciple, recorded more of Jesus’ words than any other gospel writer. We’ll study 5 sermons from Jesus, along with the many miracles, discussions, and events in the life of our Savior. He is the real, true, historical, eternal Jesus Christ – Son of God, Messiah and Only Savior of the world.

We all need Jesus – not just as an inspiration, not just as a good example of morality, but as the One perfect, sinless God-Man who sacrificed His life for us. Only Jesus could endure the punishment for sin that we each deserve – and overcome death so that we could have eternal life.

I hope this study of Matthew will challenge us and lead us to a more passionate commitment to Jesus. We’ll learn directly from Jesus what it means to belong to Him and what it means to be a true disciple. There are pretenders out there. When you follow Jesus, your lives will look different from those of the rest of the world. Are you ready to be described as radical? Fanatical? And different?

Links for local registrations: Monday evening Colonial Baptist Church  (begins Sept 11)

Tuesday morning host home (begins Sept 5)

Purchase workbook on Amazon