New Beginnings

Hello and welcome! Welcome to the study of the Gospel of Matthew… which is the study of the words and works of Jesus Christ. Even though we will be using our minds and studying a book of the Bible, and learning about the life and teachings of Jesus, this will not be just an intellectual pursuit of knowledge. I’ve given the title Follow Me to this study because it’s what Jesus told us to do. I read and study and learn from the Bible so that I will know Jesus personally, and know how Jesus wants me to live. And that is going to be made very clear in the book of Matthew!

From Sept 2017 through March 2018, groups of women will be gatFollow Mehering and discussing the Scriptures that they have studied during the week, and then I’ll be sharing a little bit more through lectures. Here’s a link to our schedule: HOMEWORK SCHEDULE and we are using this workbook which can be purchased HERE ON AMAZON

I’ll post some brief comments and a video of the lecture on this website, as well as any handouts and powerpoint illustrations. And, I also plan on sharing short previews of my teachings from Facebook LIVE. You can find those here: ELIZABETH’S BIBLE STUDY FACEBOOK PAGE

I’ve had 2 exciting weeks of introduction to the book of Matthew! There are several videos below to help you get acquainted with the study, the book of Matthew, and most importantly: Jesus Christ our Savior!

I referenced these books in the video above: Jesus Under FireA Harmony of the Words and Works of Jesus Christ,    Shepherd’s Notes: Matthew, a commentary

Click this link for Evidence for the Bible

Click here for an explanation of Matthew’s Masterpiece

Abstract overview of Matthew