Shepherds 360 Conference Workshop

It was an incredible blessing and such a special opportunity to present this topic at the recent Shepherds 360 Conference:


my biblesI spoke to women who are pastors’ wives and missionaries and to those who are serving children, students, and women, beginning by showing them this picture of some of my Bibles.

The main point of the workshop was that God has communicated everything that He wants us to know through His word. We just need to read the Scripture and study it and believe His truth.

I shared definitions of the sufficiency of Scripture, and the perspicuity of Scripture, and then gave some simple instructions regarding reading and studying the Bible. You can get an overview of the workshop by clicking through these slides: Sola Scriptura powerpoint   (or listen to the lecture posted below the pictures.) Click here for the Sola Scriptura handout.

I used this picture to illustrate how I observe the words and details of a passage.

And the picture below illustrates an overview of the structure of the book of Job. The different speeches are color coded – with Job’s speeches in blue.


I hope you are delighting in God’s Word to you because it is sufficient! Save

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