What are you seeking?

(corresponds to Follow Me workbook: Unit 3, Lessons 1,2,3)

Make a list: What are you seeking? What are your needs, wants, and desires? How are you trying to meet your own needs? What are you worrying about when you don’t need to worry?

Jesus addresses our needs and concerns and what should be our most important concern in Matthew 6. Are you seeking the right things in the right order?

There is no powerpoint, but here’s the link to Handout (it’s 2 pages): Priorities and Matthew 6

An interesting thing happened this week – we ended my evening class early because of bad weather so I didn’t record a lecture. And although I tried to record the lecture from the morning class, some technical problems gave me no audio. The video below is from a few years ago!! I trust that this is all according to God’s sovereign plan!