End Times

Are you curious about the future? So were the disciples! The visible, literal, physical, glorious return of Jesus will happen one day. But many events both wonderful and terrible will happen first.

A timeline of future events can be established by studying all of Scripture. One of the most helpful books that I’ve read about prophecy is by Paul Benware, Understanding End Times Prophecy. He gives the following guidelines:

1. Interpret the prophetic passage literally (the same way that you would any other piece of literature or conversation, recognizing facts, figures of speech, literary devices, etc.)

2. Interpret by comparing prophecy with prophecy

3. Interpret in light of possible time intervals

4. Interpret in light of double reference

This will give us an interpretation of Scripture based on a historical-grammatical hermeneutic, where we are trying to understand what the writer of Scripture intended to communicate.

The following illustrations and my explanation of end times events are based on a study of prophetic passages as described above. I realize that there are many different perspectives on when certain end time events will occur.  I humbly offer my description of the future as that which I understand based on my studies. I don’t have any unique interpretations of Scripture; there are many Bible teachers who present the same view of the future.

In my video, I discuss Jesus’ teachings about the future in Matthew 24, and explain various end times charts. If you haven’t a part of our classes, I’m sharing lessons from the Follow Me workbook to give you more information. Click here! Unit 10.Lessons 1 and 2

The best thing about the future is that we will see Jesus return and reign in all His glory!