Our Future!

A magnificent wedding designed by God since eternity past  – our salvation can be described like this. Jesus used the illustration of a bridegroom, bride and wedding festivities several times as He taught His disciples. Jesus’ love for us is the greatest love story ever told.

In the video, I share God’s “Wedding Plans” which include His choosing the bride for His Son, the betrothal, the time of waiting, the presentation of the bride, and then the ceremony. These different stages represent past, present and future events in our lives as believers. (But we do need to be careful and not force every Jewish wedding custom upon the events of our salvation. There are similarities… and differences!)

If you have trusted Christ as your Savior, you are already betrothed to Him and waiting for the next events to begin. We don’t know when He is coming to take His bride back to His Father’s house in heaven, but He IS coming! Click here for Wedding Plans handout

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