Our Personal, Perfect Priest-King Hebrews 7:1-28

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What do you think about Jesus… as your High Priest-King?

Do you need Him? Is He enough for you? You are probably answering this with a strong – YES.

If so… then Go to Him, first and always, with every question, concern, problem, pain, and need for help. Go to Him to celebrate and praise the Lord. Go to Him for teaching about God the Father and the kingdom of Heaven. Go to Him for instructions about daily life on earth.

Go to Him. The curtain hiding the throne of God has been pulled back. Jesus says: Come in! And at that throne you will find mercy and grace to help in every time of need.

I’m excited to share with you in the video below the characteristics of Jesus our Priest-King, and how the Levitical priesthood pointed to His perfect priesthood.

Click here for powerpoint (with pictures of the High Priest!)

Click here for the handout (with a picture of the High Priest!)