Psalm 150 – Hallelujah!

It’s time for the Hallelujah party. We get a taste of the rejoicing to come in the future when Jesus reigns, when His enemies are crushed and all is right in the world!

Book Five of Psalms has given us great reasons to praise the Lord. He is the Deliverer. He is Faithful. He leads us through the trials of life with mercy and strength. And He has a plan!

I hope you’ll join the celebration. We ended our study together with praise of the Lord by reading Psalm 145 aloud together. Then we waved our arms to the children’s song: Hallelu – Hallelu – Hallelu – Hallelujah, Praise ye the Lord! And then we sang and played instruments and made some noise along with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s version of “Psalm 150 – Praise Ye the Lord” .

Let us praise the Lord – TODAY – and – EVERY DAY – FOREVER!

God is great and greatly to be praised!