Micah – an introduction: The Mosaic of Micah

Creative. Blunt. Surprising. Extreme. Emotional. Overwhelming.

This describes the book and message of the minor prophet Micah! But it isn’t really his message. It’s what the Lord God of Israel, the creator of the heavens and the earth, has to say.

I’ve read this book many times. It was just one of the twelve short books of prophecy at the end of the Old Testament. It didn’t stand out. But it should stand out!

The message of the Lord through Micah to Israel and Judah was delivered over a 40 year period, during the reigns of 3 kings.

It was of vital importance then and is just as important today.

The Lord will confront the sin of injustice, declare His judgment which will come upon the people, and also give great, amazing promises for the future.

Join me and my class as we study the book of Micah. (more info on the class at Micah Bible Study: Justice and Mercy) My video below will introduce you further to the book. The workbook – Justice and Mercy: an in-depth study of Micah – is available at The Shepherd’s Church bookstore and amazon – click here

The Ten Commandments and mountain mosaic were on display during my presentation. More about them in the video! (Yes, I did make them myself!)

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