Micah 1:2-7 and The Story of Samaria

The story of Samaria is dramatic, has memorable characters, and definitely includes a tremendous amount of conflict and tension! Most of all, it has a knockout ending that is still being written.

In our study of the book of Micah, we first encounter the Lord’s message to Samaria, so it is helpful to understand just what it was about that city that brought the Lord’s judgment down on it.

In my lecture, in the story of Samaria, you’ll hear how they went from riches to rags to redemption!

During my lecture, I showed some pictures from the Facebook page of Har Bracha vineyards. Click here to see them.

*This lecture follows Lessons 2 and 3 from the Justice and Mercy workbook.

Justice and Mercy workbook can be found on amazon.

Micah Bible study; God’s judgment; idolatry; Baal worship; King Omri, King Ahab; Jeroboam’s 2 golden calves; future of Samaria; vineyards of Samaria