Micah 1:10-2:11 – This Means War

“This means war!”

This is my paraphrase of what the Lord said to Judah through Micah – as a response to the people’s sins.

And it is what we need to say to ourselves when sin is rearing its ugly head in our lives.

The Lord used war to get the attention of His people and to urge them to change their ways. And He has given us the weapons of warfare to use in our constant battle against the sin nature.

You might not think of military tactics and the march of an army when you read Micah 1:10-16.  Before studying it in our homework lessons, you might not have known what to think at all! I used to skim right over those 6 verses.

But verse 12 says that disaster has come down from the Lord. Micah was talking about war.

I’ll explain some of the historical setting of this passage of Micah, and then share how we can declare war on sin in our lives. The correct application of the word of God against lies and wrong thinking and sins will bring about the good blessings of the Lord in our lives. “Do not my words do good to him who walks uprightly?” Micah 2:7 is a wonderful promise in the midst of the declaration of devastation that would come upon Judah for their sins.

take every thought captive! declare war on sin in your life!

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  1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your studies and your presentations. I so appreciate studying with you through Micah, on line.


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