Micah 6:6-8 Do Justice, Love Mercy

Do Justice! Love Mercy! Walk humbly with your God!

That’s the whole title… and the whole message is so important. Because, the instruction given to us through Micah is truly all about walking humbly with our God, according to His character.

The Lord has given instructions to us. The requirements of the Lord are good and for our good.

In my video lecture below (and podcasts found here ), I’ll explain the following points about Micah 6:6-8:

  1. It is not a new command.
  2. It’s not a gospel invitation or explanation of how to receive salvation.
  3. It’s not an instruction to the world as to how the world should behave.
  4. It is – a concise statement – a summary – of what the Lord has always required of those who are His people. It is a summary of how those who personally know God are to live – all day, every day. It’s a comprehensive summary of how an individual who has the indwelling Holy Spirit thinks and behaves.
  5. Micah 6:8 addresses both the internal attitude and the external actions of the one who believes in the one true Holy God and His Son Jesus the Savior.

I’d also like to recommend three books which explain the current cultural thinking about social justice, and these books show how it is different from biblical justice. Consider reading: Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice by Scott David Allen; Christianity and Wokeness by Owen Strachan; and Fault Lines by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

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