Micah 7:7 But As For Me

How do you respond to the circumstances around you? How do you respond when sin is rampant? How do you respond when you are the one who has sinned? How do you respond to the promises of God?

Micah was one man who made a difference in the nation of Israel. His obedience to the Lord and faith in Him are examples for us to follow.

The Lord used Micah to speak His messages of judgment and hope and the Lord used Micah to demonstrate how to respond to those messages.

There was good reason for Micah to be pessimistic about the future of his people because judgment was certain. But there was an even better reason to determine to trust God through the hard times. God promised a good future, a restoration of Israel, and His Ruler who would shepherd the people with justice and mercy.

We too have promises from God for which we are waiting. Let us determine to trust God in all circumstances as Micah did.