Ezekiel 4 and 5: The Only Wise God

In Ezekiel 4 and 5, we read about some very strange actions that the Lord commanded Ezekiel to carry out. They were to be a sign to the Israelites. Ezekiel prophesied through his behavior. And through it all, Ezekiel obeyed everything the Lord commanded him to do, even though some of it seemed to go against what was the right thing for a priest to do.

In the video below, first, you’ll see our own classroom dramatization of Ezekiel’s actions, and then I’ll share how we must always trust what God commands us to do. We must always trust that we have a wise God. He knows best. He is the Only Wise God.

(there is no powerpoint for this lecture)

The actors portraying Ezekiel in both classes are pictured below! Many thanks to Barbara and Caitlin!

They act it all out – in the video!