Ezekiel 6 and 7 – God the Judge

It’s hard to read about God’s judgment on Israel. We have trouble understanding how God’s judgment doesn’t conflict with His goodness and grace and love. But God – is perfect in His whole character. All of His attributes are in harmony with each other.

Please watch the video or listen to my podcast where I explain the characteristics of our God who is the Judge. He is right and good and wise in every one of His judgments. He knows what is good and what is wrong.

He is the true Judge and the One who must be respected as such. He has the right to punish those who sin against Him. He is gracious to reward those who honor and obey Him.

The wrath of God the Judge is going to come upon the world one day. Anyone who rejects Him will suffer under His judgment. But God the Judge has made a way for the unthinkable to happen. Anyone who trusts in Jesus as their Savior will receive mercy from God the Judge. Mercy! Something undeserved!

And even more, God the Judge has determined that the one who trusts Jesus as their Savior will not only be forgiven of their sins, they will be declared JUSTIFIED! God declares the guilty – forgiven, free from condemnation, and righteous!

I explain the very important concepts of propitiation and justification in my lecture. These are amazing, life-giving, eternally significant concepts! Enjoy them and rejoice in what God the Judge has decreed!